Engineering Support

Engineering Support
Bullen was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and a commitment to become the world leader in ultrasonic machining technology.

Through a dedication to customer requirements and a commitment to continually develop solutions to technology challenges in hard, brittle materials, Bullen has established itself as a technology partner to many of the world’s foremost universities, research institutes and high-tech firms.

That same innovative spirit and strong commitment to R&D are present at Bullen today. Our dedicated R&D staff and engineers are engaged in enhancing existing machining capabilities while developing the precision machining capabilities of the future. At Bullen, we’re addressing both the custom machining needs of our partners as well as those of the general high-technology market.

Our R&D staff, highly trained machinists and technical staff are driven to be on the cutting edge of machining glass, ceramics and advanced materials.

Contact Bullen to support your R&D or prototyping requirement in glass, ceramics or other advanced materials. We offer:
  • Quick-turn prototyping capabilities
  • Flexible machining alternatives
  • Design and CAD support
  • Material selection support
  • On-site process qualification and validation