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Bullen matches the appropriate machining technology, methods, and materials to create solutions to your most difficult challenges – no matter your industry.






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We Believe You Deserve a Better Solution for your CMC Design

Bullen’s Ultrasonic Machining process is a non-thermal method, creating no HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) and little to no subsurface damage. As a result, no post-machining polishing is needed to relieve residual stress and slag caused by laser machining or EDM. That means a faster and more cost-effective process for your team.

Preserve Material Reliability

The substrate material’s chemical and physical properties remain unchanged.

Expand Design Possibilities

Implement feature sizes not possible with laser machining on thicker substrates.

Optimize Production

Eliminate inefficiencies that slow down production and increase the cost.


Read below to learn more about just some of the application solutions we’re providing our clients.

Microlucent Machining
Ultrasonic Machining
Semiconductor wafer processing equipment
CVD Silicon Carbide, Silicon Nitride, and Aluminium Nitride gas distribution plates
Automotive/ Industrial
Pressure sensors
Glass wafers for MEMS Piezoresistive pressure sensors and packaging
Life Sciences
DNA analysis, drug discovery
Glass flow cells for microfluidic and MEMS microfluidic components
Implantable devices
Precision machining of biocompatible material for MEMS sensor applications
Missile guidance systems
MEMS Gyroscope Components
Aircraft Engine and Airframe Components
Ceramic Matrix Composite components for aircraft engines and airframes
High-reliability alumina and SiN machined substrate

machining limitations shouldn’t hold you back

bullen offers unique capabilities beyond traditional machining

Our proprietary capabilities deliver viable solutions to complex engineering problems.


The world’s leading Ultrasonic Machining company, Bullen provides a superior solution to traditional machining when your design requires a feature or pattern in certain hard, brittle, & specialty materials.

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Bullen uses unique laser technology to cut precise features in transparent materials. This proprietary technology lowers costs while improving the quality of cuts.

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why bullen?

At Bullen, we don’t just drill your part – we begin with final production in mind, providing state-of-the-art, high-quality, wafer-level machining. Our dedicated team of engineers will:

  • Consider your unique needs.

  • Seek ways to drive down costs and increase efficiencies.

  • Build custom machines to mass-produce your part if needed.

  • Provide a quick turnaround on RFQs and jobs to accelerate your development activities

  • Support your development initiative with custom customer-based R&D

Our wide range of machining capabilities enables us to help transition your design from prototype to full-scale production efficiently and cost-effectively.


two bullen engineers examining ultrasonic drill

When looking to take the first step towards your engineering career or a career in manufacturing, there are many options. Some paths include: Technical training with a pre-apprenticeship or internship. Apprenticeship with focus on specific education and on-the-job training. College degree with internships Each of these paths open opportunities for an engaging and exciting career […]