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Supporting Engineers with Cutting Edge Machining Tech

For 50 years, Bullen has remained a globally recognized leader in ultrasonic machining of high-quality components used in semiconductors, MEMS, transportation, defense & aerospace, medical & life sciences industries. In 2021, we began offering MicroLucent® machining, unique laser technology to cut precise features in transparent materials.

What started as a small group of engineers repairing ultrasonic equipment in their garage has turned into a “machining powerhouse” and globally recognized industry leader. Despite our growth, we remain just as committed to our employees and our customers as we were on Day One.

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Transforming opportunities into realities…


Customer: Through innovation, bringing designs to life

Co-workers: Through culture, improving quality of life

Community: Through partnerships, shaping an empowered future


We deliver precision machining solutions in advanced ceramics through…

Being a Collaborative Partner

Utilizing Technology for Unparalleled Value

Leading the Industry with Reliable Processes

Leveraging Innovation

Empowering People to Achieve Their Full Potential

Navigating Complex Requirements Through Teamwork


We are an extended family in the marketplace, passionately committed to…

Excellence: Bringing our best to all we do

Humility: Accurately estimating our capabilities and seeking to learn more

Integrity: Keeping our word in every circumstance

Teamwork: Accomplishing more through healthy work relationships

Our Equipment and Technology

Our unique and unconventional machining technology has enabled high-tech companies to solve many of their most challenging problems for decades. We provide precision machining services for brittle materials such as glass and advanced ceramics. Our equipment uses ultrasonic technology to create a limitless number of feature shapes, including round, square, and odd-shaped thru-holes and cavities of varying depths. We build our custom equipment and tools with an internal metal CNC machining shop. By designing and developing our machines, we can remain fully vertically integrated for ultrasonic machining services, decreasing cost and allowing unmatched quality control for our customers.

Our associations

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SEMI is the global industry association serving the product design and manufacturing chain for the electronics industry.

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The MEMS and Sensors Industry Group® (MSIG), a SEMI Strategic Association Partner, connects the MEMS and sensors supply network in established and emerging markets enabling members to grow and prosper.

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USACA is the premier association that champions the common business interests of the advanced ceramic producer and end-user industries.

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The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) is a non-profit professional organization for the ceramics community, with a focus on scientific research, emerging technologies, and applications in which ceramic materials are an element.


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When looking to take the first step towards your engineering career or a career in manufacturing, there are many options. Some paths include: Technical training with a pre-apprenticeship or internship. Apprenticeship with focus on specific education and on-the-job training. College degree with internships Each of these paths open opportunities for an engaging and exciting career […]