Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the machining capabilities at Bullen Ultrasonics.

Do you machine metalized or coated materials?

Yes, we have extensive experience in machining metalized, pre-polished, etched, or otherwise processed parts by using protective covering.

What are Bullen's lead times?

Depending on the complexity of your parts and the necessary tooling, our lead times vary depending on your specific application. Request a Quote and we can provide a specific lead time for your application.

What is the smallest feature you can machine?

We’ve machined features down to 0.1 mm. Please contact us for practical production limitations.

What materials does Bullen machine?
We machine hard and brittle materials, including (not limited to) ceramics, glass, sapphire, silicon carbide, quartz and fused silica, zirconia, industrial diamonds, ferrite, germanium, graphite, alumina nitride, some plastics, and metals. If we haven’t machined your materials yet, we are willing to perform test cuts.
What types of features can you machine?
Bullen has the capability to machine a limitless number of different cuts and shapes, including round, rectangular, and odd-shaped holes, slots, blind cuts, and cavities, OD and ID work, and decorative engraving. Frequently, our ultrasonic machining is the only method capable of machining odd-shaped cuts in hard, brittle materials.
Why choose Bullen?
Bullen has sustained multiple long-term customer relationships since 1971. We have talented people with experience and analytical ability, as well as a proven and effective team approach to handling customer requirements.
Will you process small orders?
Yes, Bullen machines orders from 1 piece to 100,000 pieces or more.


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