MEMS Technical Glass


Microelectromechanical (MEMS) and microsystem developers worldwide trust Bullen to provide high-performance MEMS glass wafers and substrates for their prototype and production processing.

ISO 9001 Certified

AS9100 Certified

IATF 16949 Compliant

ITAR Registered

Considering Traditional Machining for your MEMS Production?

Know what you’re getting Into:

The Disadvantages of Conventional Machining:

Limited Number and Selection of Features Shapes and Sizes

Time-Consuming Process

Potential Heat-Affected and Subsurface Damage

Possible Negative Impact End-Use

You Deserve a Better Option

We’ll work with you to determine which non-traditional process is right for your design.

What is ultrasonic machining?

Ultrasonic machining is a loose abrasive machining process in which the mirror image of a shaped tool can be created in hard, brittle materials. Material removal begins with a vibrating device. The vibration propels particles at accelerations over 25,000 g’s. These dynamic particles collide with and grind the workpiece on a micro-level.

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MicroLucent® Machining is a unique laser technology used to cut precise features in transparent materials. This proprietary technology lowers costs while improving the quality of cuts. Applications for MicroLucent® Machining include MEMS Glass devices, Quartz Semiconductor Gas Distribution Plates (GDP), Microfluidics devices, Through Glass Vias (TGV), and Glass Interposers.

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Bullen glass wafers set the standard for quality and precision, allowing you to focus on your process and design rather than your supplier parts’ quality.

Bullen MEMS Technical Glass Capabilities

✓ Glass wafers and polished glass substrates, both structured and blanks, in standard and nonstandard sizes through 12″ (300 mm).

✓ Tapered or straight-walled round, square, and odd-shaped vias and cavities


Bullen structured glass wafers and substrates are used in a wide range of MEMS applications, including:

Pressure Sensors

Inertial Measurement Units

DNA Analysis

Implantable Sensors

Why Bullen?

We provide state-of-the-art, high-quality wafer-level machining. When you work with Bullen, our dedicated team of engineers will:

  • Consider your unique needs.
  • Seek ways to drive down costs and increase efficiencies.
  • Build custom machines to mass-produce your part if needed.
  • Provide a quick turnaround on RFQs and jobs to accelerate your development activities
  • Support your development initiative with custom customer-based R&D

Our wide range of machining capabilities enables us to help transition your design from prototype to full-scale production efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us today about your MEMS glass machining needs.

5 Reasons to Choose Ultrasonic Machining Over Conventional

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