Bullen Tech Process and Application Glossary

Ultrasonic MachiningUltrasonic machining is a low material removal rate (MRR), loose abrasive machining process in which the mirror image of a shaped tool can be created in hard, brittle materials.Ultrasonic machining is suitable for machining of hard, brittle materials including:
-CVD Silicon Carbide
-Ceramic Matrix Composites
-Technical Ceramics
Semiconductor CeramicsSemiconductor equipment manufacturers, fabricators and ceramic material manufacturers rely on Bullen for precision machining of critical components for semiconductor process equipment.Part types typically machined include:
-Gas distribution plates, showerheads (electrodes)
-Wafer chucks
-Wafer carriers
MEMS Technical GlassMicroelectromechanical (MEMS) and microsystem developers worldwide trust Bullen to provide high-performance MEMS glass wafers and substrates for their prototype and production processing.Bullen MEMS glass wafers exhibit:
-High-quality surface finish, with little or no subsurface damage, providing superior anodic bonding performance
-Tapered or straight-walled round, square, and odd-shaped vias and cavities
-Precision tolerances
Aerospace Ceramic Matrix CompositesUltrasonic machining for your ceramic matrix composite (CMC) designs.Ultrasonic machining offers many advantages over conventional laser and EDM machining of ceramic matrix composites.
-Reduces total solution cost
-Improves production yields
-Eliminate post-processing steps
-Increase the reliability of designs