Working with Bullen

Our experienced staff is skilled in working collaboratively with clients to understand their unique requirements and provide high-quality, cost-effective, custom solutions in support of their specific applications.

Our engineers can provide feedback on the feasibility of your custom requirements and can help you arrive at a solution that meets your critical design needs.

workingwithbullenGetting in touch with our technical team is easier than ever. Pick up the phone and place a call to our customer service line, or submit an RFQ through our online RFQ system, Your request will be handled by an experienced member of our technical team. In most cases, you will get a response to your inquiry the same day. Getting started is simple.

From initial contact, Bullen engineers, R&D personnel, and technical support staff will review your design requirements, prints, or concept and work with you to understand your unique set of requirements.

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Getting Bullen involved early in the design phase of your project can lead to reduced product realization times, lower cost solutions, and superior final product results. Count on Bullen to help you make the most of your project.

Following the technical assessment and the gathering of all necessary technical information during the design review, we will prepare a project proposal that meets the stated or agreed upon requirements for your application. A quotation to supply parts will be supplied for your review.

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We are constantly enhancing our machining capabilities and developing new capabilities to meet the specific application needs of our customers. Perhaps your current challenge is one we’ve solved for another customer, or the next new one we’ll solve. We’re interested in helping you get where you’re going.

Upon receipt of your order, a dedicated, experienced Sales Engineer is assigned to your project. The project manager will create detailed routings outlining the process steps in fabricating your part and will manage your project through the facility. The Sales Engineer will maintain the flow of information, ensuring your expectations are met.

Did you know?

Nearly all of Bullen’s high-volume production products started at the prototype stage. We have the experience and expertise to transform your prototype part into volume production.