Semiconductor Ceramics

Semiconductor equipment manufacturers, fabricators and ceramic material manufacturers rely on Bullen for precision machining of critical components for semiconductor process equipment.

Our extensive knowledge in the machining of glass and ceramics, combined with unique ultrasonic machining capabilities, enable Bullen to provide custom, high-quality, cost-effective solutions meeting the strict requirements of the semiconductor industry.

Bullen is capable of machining high aspect ratio precision features in 300 mm diameter components¬ in a wide range of semiconductor materials, including CVD Silicon Carbide, Alumina, Sapphire, Aluminum Nitride, Silicon, Silicon Nitride, Yttria and many others.

Part types machined include:

  • Gas distribution plates, showerheads (electrodes)
  • Wafer chucks
  • Wafer carriers

Typical machining processes include:

  • Fabrication of through-hole vias for semiconductor GDPs
  • Fabrication of mesas and cavities for wafer carrier or vacuum applications
  • OD grinding
  • Face grinding

Advantages to working with Bullen:

  • Unique ultrasonic machining allows for the machining of multiple features simultaneously, leading to reduced part costs. Learn more about ultrasonic machining.
  • Ultrasonic machining is a low MRR process. This means the machined features exhibit little or no subsurface damage, resulting in outstanding particle performance and higher process yields.
  • Reliable, consistent high quality means reduced downtime and higher process yields in your process.
  • Our ability to handle prototype through production volumes offers you maximum flexibility.