• Polished Glass Substrates - Bullen single- and double-sided polished glass wafers set the standard for quality for your MEMS and optoelectronic applications. more
  • MEMS Glass Wafers - Microelectromechanical (MEMS) and microsystem developers worldwide trust Bullen to provide high-performance MEMS glass wafers and substrates for their prototype and production processing. more
  • Microfluidic Glass - Bullen has a host of machining capabilities for machining of glass plates and components for microfluidic applications. more
  • Semiconductor Ceramics - Semiconductor equipment manufacturers, fabricators and ceramic material manufacturers rely on Bullen for precision machining of critical components for semiconductor process equipment. more
  • Ceramic Substrates - If you haven’t considered ultrasonic machining for your thin and thick film ceramic substrate designs, you may be missing out on an opportunity. more