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Glass Machining

Bullen offers custom, precision glass machining and finishing of tight tolerance components to a broad range of high technology markets. We employ a wide range of glass machining methods and specialize in working with clients to arrive at solution options that offer the best value for their particular application. From prototype through production, we're dedicated to helping you achieve higher quality, lower cost solutions for your challenges in glass, ceramics and advanced materials.

Our experienced staff is prepared to assist you in selecting the most appropriate glass machining solution from the following offerings:


Glass materials that Bullen commonly machines include:

  • Borosilicates (Schott Borofloat 33®, Corning Pyrex 7740®)
  • Glass Ceramics (Macor®, Zerodur®)
  • Schott D263®, BK7®, and many others


Bullen has experience machining glass for:

  • MEMS Pressure Sensors, Microfluidic and Life Sciences applications
  • Industrial, Defense and Aerospace, and Microelectronics applications
  • Solar Energy, Medical, and Telecommunication components


Why choose Bullen for your glass machining requirements:

  • Bullen can achieve shapes, features sizes and tolerances that cannot be achieved by it's competitors. Learn more.
  • Bullen can help you develop and ramp to production for your device or component Bullen has in house R&D enabling us to take on non standard work in support of your corporate objectives Bullen offers flexibility and machining options leading to solutions to your glass, ceramics and advanced material machining challenges