Contract Machining

Not all machining services providers are created equal-

For outstanding Customer Service, Quality, Cost and Delivery - Trust Bullen

  • Unique and innovative ultrasonic machining
  • Prototype through production- scalable with a breadth of machining options to fit your specific requirement
  • Technical staff to assist you in developing a process to meet your application objectives¬

Our Commitment:¬

  • Only the highest quality-¬ you'll be impressed with our quality
  • We're committed to offering our customers unsurpassed value-Our pricing will be fair
  • On time delivery- With an on time delivery rate of 96.4%, we guarantee it
  • World class customer service-Our customer service represenatives and technical staff¬ are responsive, efficient and accountable to your requirements

Since 1971, we've served 1000's of satisfied customers and established the Bullen name as a respected world class service provider for glass and ceramics machining.

Our current lineup of machining services include: