About Us

Globally recognized as the leader in Ultrasonic Machining, Bullen has established itself as a trusted partner to advanced technology companies worldwide and as a leading provider of high quality, components for the Semiconductor, MEMS, Transportation, Defense & Aerospace, Medical and Life Sciences industries.

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BEN_2389Founded in 1971, with operations in Eaton, OH USA, Bullen is a privately held, small business, offering precision machining services for glass, ceramics and advanced materials to high technology markets. Download our brochure for more information.

Our R&D heritage and commitment to solving our partners machining challenges has resulted in the expansion of our service offerings to include more than just the Ultrasonic Machining for which we are most known.

Bullen now provides a host of complimentary precision machining services including CNC Machining, Abrasive Jet Machining and Micro EDM processing allowing Bullen to match the appropriate machining technology to its customers specific application requirements.

Our goal is to be your total solutions provider for glass, ceramics and advanced materials. Our experienced and dedicated customer service team, R&D staff, and skilled machinists are prepared to help you meet your most challenging design requirements.

We are driven to be on the cutting edge of machining hard, brittle materials, we continue to look for new and exciting ways to better serve high technology industry, grow our business and support our community.

We invite you to learn more about Bullen by clicking thru our website, or by contacting a customer service representative to discuss your application today.